healOzone 2130C

The healOzone 2130C was distributed by a partner company until 2010 and currently is no longer available on the market. If you have any questions regarding the healOzone 2130C or should your 2130C require service, the dental supplier through which you purchased the unit is the person you should contact first.

Consumables such as silicone cups and remineralisation solution are, of course, compatible for both generations of healOzone (healOzone X4 und healOzone 2130C). They can soon be purchased directly from our online shop.

If you have any further questions, please contact our service team and we will be happy to assist you.


How it works

1. Air dryer
Ambient air is drawn in through the air intake. The air dryer has an automatic moisture sensor that keeps humidity at a constant level, thus ensuring a uniform ozone concentration within the silicon cup.

2. Differential pressure sensor:
The differential sensor detects leaks and activates the ozone generator.

3. Ozone generator
The closed system ozone generator produces ozone from the oxygen in the air.

4. Handpiece tip
The ozone concentration in the tip of the handpiece is 2100 ppm at an exchange rate of ~100 times/sec within the vacuum-sealed silicone cup.

5. Moisture trap
The moisture trap prevents moisture from seeping into the ozone neutralizer.

6. Ozone neutralizer
The ozone neutralizer converts ozone back into oxygen at the end of treatment and releases it in neutralised form into the room air.

7. Vacuum pump
The integrated vacuum pump generates a negative pressure vacuum that prevents ozone from leaking from the system.

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