Easy operation
Switch on the unit at the on/off button on the rearThe main menu is displayed after approx. 5 seconds and the unit is ready for use

+ / - buttons (1)
For setting the ozone application time to between 20 and 60 seconds, in 10-second increments.

SET button (2)
Choice between standard program or root canal program.

Fit an appropriately sized disposable silicone cup over the tooth
Always choose the smallest cup size possible because ozone can only be applied if there is an airtight seal (vacuum).

START/STOP buttons (3)
These buttons can be used as an alternative to the popular footswitch to start and stop treatment. Once started, the unit counts down from the preset application time. If the seal breaks, meaning that there is no longer a vacuum, ozone application ceases immediately

End of treatment
Once the ozone application has finished successfully, air is blown through the unit's internal ports for 10 seconds to clear them; this is followed by a message informing you that the treatment is complete.

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