healOzone X4 – Intuitive and user-friendly

The healOzone X4 system features a very simple and intuitive control interface.

Flip the ON/OFF switch on the rear of the unit to "ON" to start the machine. After a short, automated system check, the main menu will appear in the display window (4). The unit is now operational.

+ / – buttons (1, 2)
Press the + / – buttons to select the desired treatment mode from the main menu.

SET button (3)

Press the SET button to set the ozone treatment time and to select the desired treatment mode (High-Dosage or Low-Dosage). 

Briefly press and release the SET button – The treatment time menu will start to flash. Now use the + / – buttons to set the treatment time in the range from 20 to 60 seconds. The time changes in 5 second increments at each press of the button.

Now briefly press the SET button again – This time the treatment mode menu will flash.

Use the + / – buttons to switch between the High-Dosage and Low-Dosage modes.

Press the SET button again to exit the menu.

Place a disposable silicone cup of appropriate size on the handpiece.

Always use the smallest cup size possible in order to achieve an optimum seal. This is necessary to produce the vacuum needed to channel the ozone through the safe and patented application system.

START / STOP buttons (5, 6)

The START/STOPP buttons (or the optional foot switch) are used to start and stop treatment. Once started, the unit counts down from the selected ozone application time.

If the vacuum is breached, ozone application is stopped immediately.

End of treatment

After successful completion of ozone application, the ozone application system is flushed with air. A beeper will sound to signal the end of treatment.

To interrupt an ongoing treatment, press either the STOP button or the foot switch (optional). Once the cycle is interrupted, ozone application is stopped immediately and the ozone application system is flushed with air.

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