healOzone X4 - Innovation in caries and endodontic treatment

The revolution in ozone-based caries treatment moves forward: healOzone paved the way for highly effective, pain-free caries treatment and efficient root canal treatment in recent years. This innovative therapeutic concept has now been extended to new indications.

Precise, gentle and reliable

healOzone X4 - Safe and rapid disinfection in the oral cavity

The new healOzone X4 is a fundamentally different method for fast and reliable disinfection in the oral cavity.

• Virucidal

• Bactericidal

• Fungicidal

High-dose ozone can be used in many dental applications. It penetrates to even the smallest pits and fissures of the teeth to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.

healOzone X4 – Effective, economical, innovative


healOzone X4 delivers convincing results in caries and endodontic treatment. Extensive user experience in far more than 200,000 patient cases (estimated annually) demonstrates impressive therapeutic results. The patient satisfaction rate is 95%.

healOzone X4 features a sophisticated, safe and patented application system, making treatment safe for the patient and the dental practice team. 


Clinical studies confirm the impressive effects of healOzone.

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