healOzone X4 – For gentle caries treatment

healOzone X4 is a painless and noninvasive new method of caries therapy. In many cases, it makes it possible to complete caries treatment with no drilling, no anesthesia, no side effects and no late complications. Early caries detection often makes it possible to avoid drilling and filling, thus allowing maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure. Thanks to these features, healOzone X4 is ideally suited for treatment of children and anxious patients.

The painless treatment procedure lets your patients relax, reducing the burden on you and your entire practice team.
healOzone X4 contributes to a relaxed treatment experience in many ways. It allows you to very gently yet thoroughly treat fissure, smooth surface or root caries with no injections, drilling and filling.

The efficacy of healOzone is scientifically proven.

Your patients won't mind coming in for regular check-ups because even if cavities are found, they can be treated without pain and stress.

healOzone X4 – Safe and gentle


healOzone X4 achieves significant results in the treatment of initial or frank fissure caries and smooth surface caries. Caries treatment with healOzone X4 preserves healthy tooth structure in the region of the root and neck of the teeth, which are particularly pain-sensitive areas.


healOzone X4 ...

  • Permits noninvasive or minimally invasive early-stage caries treatment with maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure.
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure and is easy on the nerves of your patients.
  • Can be used in combination with a caries diagnosis system, opening a number of treatment and prevention options that enhance the range of services offered by the dental practice, including home care products.

Four steps to treatment success

1. Cleaning
Before starting caries treatment with the healOzone system, we recommend that you to thoroughly clean the affected tooth surfaces with air polishing powder or a similar product.


2. Caries diagnosis
A modern caries diagnosis system should be used to determine the necessary ozone application time and to check the results of treatment at recall appoints. Set the length of the ozone application time in accordance with the results of the caries diagnosis.

3. Ozone application
The HealOzone X4 unit applies a controlled amount of ozone to the affected area as specified based on the prior diagnostic findings. The ozone application time can be set within a range of 20 to 60 seconds in 5 second increments.


4. Remineralisation
Remineralisation solution is applied to the tooth immediately after ozone therapy to encourage remineralisation of the caries lesion.


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