Ozone – The ultimate in disinfection


Ozone is one of the most effective oxidizing agents available. It not only kills bacteria, viruses and fungi quickly, but also disinfects wounds and stop bleeding.

The healOzone X4 generates ozone from oxygen in the ambient air and channels it through the vacuum of the silicone cup placed over the affected tooth to the target site. After the prescribed application time, all of the ozone is vacuum-removed and converted back into oxygen. healOzone eliminates 99.9 % of the bacteria in carious lesions within only 20 seconds. The silicone cups come in five sizes to ensure a good fit and secure seal over teeth of different shapes and sizes.

The healOzone X4 comes with a remineralization solution that is applied immediately after ozone application to encourage remineralization in the disinfected area. This serves to accelerate the natural remineralization process of the teeth.

Mode of action in caries treatment


Decayed enamel and dentine are ozone-permeable. 

Ozone therapy inactivates 99% of the bacteria in the carious lesion. 

This results in neutralization of most bacterial acids.

The remineralization solution neutralizes residual acid and supplies minerals and fluorides, yielding a neutral medium enriched with minerals. 

The treatment induces the remineralization of carious lesions.

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