Endodontic treatment with healOzone

The main goal of endodontic treatment is mechanical preparation of root canals and disinfection of the root canal system to achieve the elimination of bacteria. Pulpitis produces very unpleasant symptoms. The teeth become sensitive to heat, cold and pressure, and acute inflammations, abscesses and fistulae may develop. In dental practice, some cases of pulpitis do not respond satisfactorily to mechanical preparation and medicated fillings. Many patients with severe endodontic conditions treated in my dental practice in the last 3 months received supplementary ozone therapy following mechanical root canal preparation. The first patient received 20 seconds of ozone therapy (healOzone), and the subsequent patients received 60 seconds of ozone therapy per canal as standard treatment. The ozone application system has a novel design using silicone cups. In spite of the different starting conditions in terms of Vitamin E, gangrene and fistulae, the treatment consistently resulted in a rapid decrease in symptoms and, in a few unique cases, in the complete disappearance of symptoms after multiple sessions of healOzone.




Ozone therapy with healOzone following mechanical root canal preparation consistently resulted in reduction of the unpleasant symptoms of pulpitis in our patients treated so far. healOzone successfully improved even difficult cases with fistulae and persistent symptoms within a short period of time. 

healOzone produces very promising results in endodontic applications and seems to allow the dentist to make a reliable prognosis, even in difficult cases.


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