How it works

Ozone is a gas that very efficiently kills cavity-causing bacteria in and on the teeth. The HealOzone X4 unit produces ozone from oxygen by one of two methods:

HealOzone X4 unit can produce ozone from oxygen in the ambient air (Low Dosage mode) or from pure oxygen supplied by an oxygen bottle (High Dosage mode). The latter method generates higher concentrations of ozone gas.

The HealOzone X4 uses high voltage to convert oxygen into ozone. The ozone generated by the machine is channelled through the handpiece to the affected tooth or root canals in order to treat the carious lesions. After treatment, the ozone gas is then suctioned off, dried and converted back into oxygen by the ozone neutralizer.

1 Oxygen supply 
2 Air supply 
3 Air dryer 
4 Differential pressure sensor 
5 Ozone generator
6 Tooth cup
7 Ozone
8 Handpiece
9 Tubing 
10 Moisture trap 
11 Ozone neutraliser 
12 Vacuum pump

High Dosage O2 Modus

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