Dr. Elian Cunea, Duisburg

We have been using the HealOzone in our practice for about three years now. In the daily routine, it offers comfortable treatment for the patient, and allows the dentist to delegate. Both my patients and I are enthusiastic about the new technique. The procedure meets expectations. One particularly positive result is that root canals can be avoided more frequently than before, and anxious patients tolerate this method well. The process generates new patients both by word of mouth from satisfied patients as well as from new patients who are actively seeking practices that offer this procedure, especially on the Internet. The HealOzone may also be used in preventing caries when new teeth are erupting. A study of children is presently under way.

Dr. Liborius Fobbe, Büdingen

I have been successfully using HealOzone therapy in my practice on a daily basis since November 2002. The HealOzone device can be used for causal, anti-microbial therapy of oral infections wherever sterilization of tooth structures is required. - initial carious lesions of fissures and smooth surfaces before re-mineralization – infected root canals, enamel and dentin structures before they are sealed, and filling or sealing with dental restorations - preparation of definitive therapy and to reduce the rate of progression in early childhood caries or extensive carious lesions of extremely anxious patients - reduction of bacteria in the post-eruptive maturation phase of molars and in all cases of demineralization. Another major use is the treatment of bacterial and viral infections of the oral mucosa. A particular benefit of this technique is the regular success of treatment due to the quick and safe deactivation of processes resulting from bacteria. After years of experience and observation of the procedure and its use, I have a very positive opinion, especially from the long-term observation of extreme cases. In addition to its many uses in dentistry, I find its intraoral use particularly rewarding, and my assistants are very glad that it is low-maintenance and easy to clean. My patients are enthusiastic about HealOzone therapy, recommend it to friends, and nearly always want it again even though it costs more.

Dr. Friedrich Grelle, Schweinfurt

We have been using HealOzone since 2001. In practice, things are first a bit hectic and patients have to wait a bit when the HealOzone is introduced since the advantages and calculation of a HealOzone treatment need to be explained, for example in reference to diseases of the mucosa or sterilisation before sealing. Perhaps patient education could be advanced in the press with advertisements and popular scientific articles by KaVo. I personally use it to effectively treat aphthas and caries in baby teeth. The patients readily accept both indications. In my opinion, there is a great deal of promise in the treatment of children.

Dr. Matthias Heger, Varel

I have been using HealOzone since May of 2003. In my practice, this technique has brought innovation, satisfaction, treatment quality, an increase in sales and improvement in the treatment of children and anxious patients. This technology has improved the image of my practice, increased but the bottom line and added treatments. In addition, there is the positive feeling of being a trendsetter. What I particularly like about this technique is that it is particularly easy and safe and can be delegated. My experience with patients has been very good, and I get positive feedback from all applications. I can imagine that HealOzone will become an established standard for dental practices in the future." 

Dr. Rainer Klesper, M‘gladbach

Briefly after it was introduced, I purchased my first KaVo HealOzone which I have expanded with the new Endo design.  I was attracted by the possibility of healing caries by killing the bacteria or neutralizing their decomposition products.  In my role as an opinion leader, I thoroughly studied the principle of the HealOzone and remain convinced of its benefit.  Its primary uses are paediatric dentistry, CP treatment and endodontics.

Dr. Matthias Klumpp, Pforzheim

We have been using the unit for more than two years. We primarily use it to sterilize tooth surfaces before sealing them, or before adding a filling after removing deep or undermining carries. We also use it for the prophylactic treatment of demineralization in difficult-to-access locations, or for adhered brackets. It is particularly effective in the pain-free treatment of the effects of herpes or aphthas on oral mucosa. Both the patient and dentist are impressed by the fast, pain-free and efficient treatment. In general, the patients are very satisfied, especially the parents of children who normally do not like treatment. Not every patient is ready to pay the €35 for treating aphthas and herpes. They feel that the the discrepancy is too great between a short (effective and pain-free) procedure and the cost. We feel that there is particular development potential in integrating it in the treatment unit which will allow the HealOzone can be accessed as easily and readily as the turbine. 

Zahnarzt Enno Kramer, Norden

I have been using the HealOzone since 2003. We use it in our practice for early childhood caries (cavitated and non-cavitated), cervical caries, and general caries in the root dentin, endodontics, and desensitising prepared tooth stumps. In practice, the HealOzone is chiefly used for primary teeth. The HealOzone is an ideal means of therapy for introducing children age 3 to 7 to dental treatment. Of course, the HealOzone has expanded our prophylaxis approach. Patients are generally enthusiastic, even though you frequently run into disappointed patients who are looking for a painless replacement of existing restorations.

Dr. Olaf Oberhofer, Erwitte

I have been using HealOzone since 2003. I like the fast and reliable bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effects of HealOzone. In my practice, it is primarily used for endodontics, prevention (caries prevention, sealing fissures...), and has been successfully used for cp and p treatments, as well as for crowns, bridges and aphthas and herpes. The unit has been easy to use and has worked perfectly up to the present. My patients view the use of the HealOzone in a positive light. In my practice, the use of the HealOzone is another tool for minimally invasive therapy and contributes to a positive appearance of the office. I could imagine that the HealOzone could be successfully used for halitosis in the future with appropriate application tools.

Dr. Thomas Rusteberg, Biberach

I have been using the HealOzone since November 2002, primarily for endodontic treatments, aphthas and deep caries. With deep caries, the caries are first removed conventionally, which is followed with HealOzone therapy. The patients are especially satisfied in the treatment of aphthas since success is immediately visible. I no longer use HealOzone for the treatment of initial caries since I am not convinced of its success. The long-term Diagnodent values were also too irregular with caries therapy. Overall, I am satisfied with the device, even though the treatment spectrum is a bit restricted.

Dr. Volker Scholz, Lindau

I have been using the HealOzone for more than four years for nearly every patient who has received a filling or other restorative treatment. The reduction of pathogens is an essential element in my approach to treatment and care for maintaining healthy teeth. Thanks to HealOzone, this is now possible within teeth which gives me and my patients additional security. Patients respect this small, additional effort that I can offer quickly and without pain to ensure improved treatment. It is unfortunate that not that many people outside of those who have been in a dental practice that uses HealOzone are aware of the advantages of HealOzone. if they were, more would beat a to path to my door which, to a small extent, is happening through the Internet, but not frequently enough.

Dr. Christoph Wolf, Haar

I have been using the HealOzone since 2003. I primarily use it to sterilize cavities after excavation. By using the HealOzone, I have been able to drastically reduce the number of required root fillings after excavation. Apparently, sterilizing the cavity gives the pulp a much greater chance of survival. Nearly 100% of all patients endorse the treatment. Given their positive experiences, most patients are more than ready to assume the additional private costs when they get a new filling. The HealOzone was incorporated into the daily routine without a hitch. Since the unit is also be used to seal fissures by the dental hygienist in nearly every treatment, we are thinking about purchasing an additional unit.

Dr. Andreas Ziegler, Ravensburg

The philosophy at our practice is to retain the individuals own teeth, preferably throughout his entire life. Retaining teeth starts small in the truest sense of the word. For me, modern dentistry does not mean removing enamel damage by caries, but rather eliminating harmful bacterial infections. The HealOzone is an ideal tool for this purpose. This includes the following indications: Minimally invasive preparation of merging carious defects, carries close to the pulp, after the removal of crowns and bridges (frequently large caries), cervical caries. Children and anxious adults are enthusiastic about the reduced use of the drill. The gentle procedure has reduced the number of symptoms associated with the pulp after treating deep caries. Another area eagerly accepted by patients is the treatment of herpes and aphthas. No other method can so quickly reduce the pain associated with viral infections. After years of using the HealOzone, I can state without reservation: "I would not want to do without this treatment unit in my practice." 



Dr. J. Allen, Great Yarmouth:

HealOzone is potentially the biggest advance in prevention of decay and offers the patient the opportunity to benefit from less discomfort, less chairside time and in some cases no need to remove any tooth substance. It may further the search in keeping teeth for life.


Drs. Ballard & Tucker, Biggleswade:

An excellent piece of kit to help us to provide painless dentistry.


Dr. R. Barough, Cirencester: 

Eliminates new fillings painlessly and effectively.


Dr. H. T. Beattie, Bridge of Earn:

This seems a good initiative and I would like to promote the HealOzone as much as possible. It is easy to use, effective and patient-friendly.


Dr. R. Bhatiani & R Varma, Hitchen:

Patients love the fact that they can have treatment without injections.


Dr. S. Y. P. Cheng, London:

HealOzone has changed the way I practice dentistry.


Dr. B. G. Clark, Lincoln:

My patients and I are amazed at the simple, painless way dental decay is stopped without Dr.illing the teeth – the magic gas.


Dr. S. J. Clark, Bath:

HealOzone has revolutionised the treatment of tooth decay in my practice. My patients love it and it completely takes away the fear and anxiety that many people have of a visit to the dentist.


Dr. D. Cook, London:

A real advance in approach to dental disease. The chance to pre-empt and treat decay. Regeneration not amputation.


Dr. M. G. Cowan, Liverpool:

HealOzone has given me a new way of treating caries. It has attracted new patients to the practice and is indicative of the type of dentistry I want to undertake.


Dr. D. Curtis, Lowestoft:

…in my opinion, it is a fantastic product. 


Dr. A. A. Darbar, Leighton Buzzard:

Finally, a true micro dentistry concept is now a reality. Ozone has offered the possibility of what I always wanted to do – Stop the Rot – We have now implemented our own concept of Heal While You Wait, in our practice…


Dr. M. P. Egan, Birchington:

The HealOzone has opened a whole new concept in the way we are able to treat our patients, particularly the younger ones and those with special needs. It gives them confidence at the dental surgery, hopefully treating them to happy memories of dental visits.


Dr. N. Gerrard, Bristol:

HealOzone has enabled me to offer a treatment approach which can significantly reduce the need, or completely eliminate the use of injections & Dr.illing, while conserving as much tooth as possible.


Dr. D. Griffiths, Radlet:

The basic causes of dental disease are still the same. Our ability to deal with their results is now completely different.


Dr. H. Gross, Dublin:

HealOzone is pain-free and easy to use.


Dr. E. Halley, Perth:

A revolutionary treatment for dental caries.


Drs. M. Harris & A. Ermeskog, Paignton:

We have been using the HealOzone on patients in this practice for two years and have been delighted with the results. There has been approximately a 90% success rate and the patients of the practice have been very impressed with this new technology.


Dr. K. Hayes, Tunbridge Wells:

Fantastic. So easy. Unbelievable. Much better than the Dr.ill. Wish it had been around when I was a kid.


Dr. M. Jones, Lancaster:

No pain, great gain.


Dr. T. Jones, Loddon:

It’s good to know that the product is being promoted. It’s very much appreciated. Fearful patients have benefited tremendously.


Dr. D. Joshi, Balham:

We are among the first practitioners to be using HealOzone. After over two years, we feel that a new dimension of dentistry has come of age with the development of HealOzone as a therapeutic agent.


Dr. R. Jukes, Salisbury:

Delivers the Wow-Factor, every dentist is looking for.


Dr. D. P. Kelly, Spalding:

It is very safe to use, no side effects and to me a wonderful addition to our practice, especially for the chilDr.en, even though at the moment it will only treat the biting and side tooth surfaces and not between the teeth.


Dr. D. Ferrier, Perth:

Use of ozone has allowed us to treat early decay and to treat quite nervous patients quite successfully. Patient acceptance & tolerance is very high.


Dr. G. Lovis, Leeds:

See our editorial feature in The Yorkshire Evening Post.


Dr. W. Malach, Leeds:

HealOzone has revolutionised the provision of dental treatment like no other product that has gone before. The patients think it’s fantastic and being able to heal where once we had to Dr.ill, gives immense satisfaction to the dentists too.


Dr. M. A. Martin, Cupar:

It’s changing my life and those of my patients. No one can believe it’s so easy.


Dr. K. J. McDermott, York:

We look to do the very best we can for our patients. Now we can do so much more, by actually doing less conventional dentistry. I cannot in all conscience pick up a Dr.ill when I know I can use the HealOzone instead. It is so much better, whenever possible, to use the patient’s own natural healing process than to place man-made fillings in the mouth.


Dr. A. Meghji, London:

A revolutionary non-invasive way of treating dental disease. It reduces anxiety and fear, clients associate with traditional dentistry.


Dr. R. Morrison, Donaghadee:

Experience the future of dental care. No injection, no Dr.illing, totally painless treatment of decay.


Dr. F. Murphy, Bishopbriggs:

At last, dentistry moves into the 21 st century.


Dr. P. Nadin, Great Haywood:

The implementation of HealOzone therapy has reduced the number of fillings required in our younger patients Dr.amatically, by over a half. It makes doing dentistry a bit too easy!


Dr. D. Naisby, Culbokie:

The best thing to hit dentistry since the introduction of anaesthetics. It has revolutionised how we treat chilDr.en. They love it. No needles. No Dr.ills. No fear. Even 3–4 year olds can now be easily treated with the magic wand! Oh, and adults love it too, especially the nervous and phobic. Pretty much everybody wants it when we ask – Dr.ill & fill or Heal it?


Drs. D. Gibson & M Hampson, Yeovil:

HealOzone has been available at our practice since Spring 2003. In this time it has become our treatment of choice whenever possible and is without doubt our patient’s favourite treatment option. We are proud to have been the first practice in Somerset to embrace this excellent new technology, which has completely changed our previous treatment practices.


Dr. J. Pugh, Aberdare:

HealOzone has revolutionised the way we can treat dental decay in a non-invasive way, reducing stress on us and of course our patients of all ages. Our patients are delighted when we tell them it is possible to treat their decay without the need for an injection or use of the Dr.ill, in a quick and painless procedure. We’ve also noticed an increase in patient motivation towards good dental health habits since it is emphasised to them that these will increase the efficiency of their treatment with HealOzone.


Dr. J. Sejpal, Great Glen:

HealOzone portrays the progressive approach of our practice. This pain-free method of treating tooth decay has proven to be very attractive to new patients. Existing patients have benefited by prolonging the life of existing restorations and preventing further decay.


Dr. J. Seward, Cork:

HealOzone is the future of dentistry today. It has renewed my interest in dentistry and requires me to keep abreast of all current advances. It has also introduced me to other dentists especially in the USA. Next week I shall have lunch with Gordon Christensen of the CRA in Florida!


Dr. N. Sikka, London:

HealOzone has proved to be an enormously popular addition to our treatment options, both for adults and chilDr.en. We have had excellent results. Maybe at last we are approaching painless dentistry?


Dr. R. S. Steggles, Worcester:

HealOzone has changed our approach to treatment. We are moving away from surgical to non-surgical dentistry as quickly as research and development allows. A better experience for our patients and us.


Dr. P. Stinson, Belfast:

This is precisely the treatment any dentist would wish for their own chilDr.en. HealOzone plus diet control makes for an unbeatable combination.


Dr. C. Taylor, Ipswich:

HealOzone is an excellent alternative to conventional treatment in early decay. Patients are delighted at the ease of treatment and I am delighted with the results.


Dr. Dinesh Vegad, Birmingham:

HealOzone has made my life and my patients’ lives easier, in prevention of decay and also avoiding root canal treatments in most cases. Most patients Dr.ead the thought of root canal work.


Drs. G. P. Visser & S J Bray, Broadstone:

We believe in minimal intervention, intervention rather than restoration, restoration rather than replacement and HealOzone is helping us to achieve this.


Dr. R. Wain, Newcastle upon Tyne:

HealOzone offers the ultimate painless, no Dr.ill healing for dental decay. It compliments beautifully our preventative care approach to dentistry.


Dr. A. West, London:

We are very pleased with both our machines.


Dr. P. Ziderman, London:

HealOzone helps make chilDr.en happy to visit the dentist. 

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