healOzone X4: The New Dimension in Disinfection

With the new healOzone X4, disinfection within dental therapy is taken to a whole new dimension. Whether used for highly effective caries treatment or safe endodontology: the unique disinfecting effect of healOzone X4, with a higher concentration of ozone, achieves results that are convincing both users and patients.

What dentist doesn’t know the risks of cariology and endodontology: bacteria, viruses and germs that negatively affect the long-term success of the treatment. With the new healOzone X4 you can now achieve maximum safety in caries therapy and root canal treatment. The innovative ozone unit operates with the controlled use of ozone at a new concentration of up to 32g/m3 (previously 4.7g/m3). Through the special patented hermetically sealed to the outside and safe application system, it is completely harmless to the oral cavity.

Minimally invasive caries therapy
Through the application of ozone with the healOzone X4, 99.9% of caries bacteria are inactivated and proteins which affect remineralization are destroyed within a few seconds. Through the early detection of fissures, root or smooth surface caries, it is even possible to heal completely pain-free, thereby maintaining the maximum healthy tooth structure. Nevertheless, if it is unavoidable to excavate the cavities, the ozone unit will give you the certainty before filling the cavity, that 99.9% of the caries bacteria have been eliminated – without any health risks for the patient and practice team.

Efficient, safe root canal treatment
In endodontology, the new high ozone concentration of the healOzone X4 of 32g/m3 ensures that biofilm bacteria in the finely ramified root canal system are eliminated rapidly and reliably after only 1 minute of treatment. This enables you to effectively perform a complete endodontic treatment in just one session – with much less treatment time. More security for the long-term success of an endodontic treatment does not exist.

The painless treatment and cure of caries at an early stage, safe disinfection before cavity and root canal filling, and the shortened duration of a root canal treatment are important aspects for daily dental practice – not the least for children and anxious patients.

healOzone X4 thus represents a meaningful and economically
attractive investment for any practice.

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